BASF among GBC Health Award Winners
June 1, 2016

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Technical Expertise

BASF as a nutrient manufacturer provides high-quality micronutrients like vitamin A and has set up facilities backed up by a dedicated team, to provide general and technical support for fortification projects. BASF has the necessary technical expertise in production, marketing and distribution of fortified foodstuffs. When developing new products, we cooperate with the food industry concerned to ensure that their requirements can be fulfilled as closely as possible.

Next to food fortification workshops in order to build capacity of both governmental and private sector in quality assurance and quality control BASF and partners also host public sector trainings. The objective of the private sector training is to enable small and medium scale millers to see food fortification practices first hand and to build their capacity to fortify staple foods.

Introducing the mobile testing device which had specifically been designed for its food fortification efforts.

The quality control of fortified foods is made possible through BASF’s rapid test kits, which screen the vitamin A content in edible oils and flours in a cost-effective fashion.


BASF mobile Test Kit determines the vitamin A content of foods

The BASF Test Kit is a semi-quantitative screening tool that allows to assess the concentration of Vitamin A in edible oil, flour, and sugar. This cost-effective mini laboratory – about the size of a laptop case – is reusable, easy to use and robust. It lowers the cost of quality control down to an average cost of 0,05 - 0,10 US $ per test.

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