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June 1, 2016

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Oil Fortification

Cooking oil is plant, animal, or synthetic fat used in cooking, food preparation and flavoring and is therefore more accurately termed edible oil. Edible oil is very suitable food for fortification with vitamin A since it is in widespread private and commercial use. BASF is a leading vitamin A producer offering special products for the fortification of vegetable oil.

The fortification process requires no special equipment, as vitamin A itself is an oil in its natural state and is readily miscible with other oils and fats. Blends with other oil-soluble vitamins like vitamin D and vitamin E are available on request.

The principle of oil fortification is to mix oily vitamins with vegetable oil.


Edible oil fortification is generally considered safe. No incidents of intoxication have been reported so far. However, vitamin A in its pure form as nutritional ingredient is only suitable for food production, never for direct consumption. Properly applied to high-calorie dense foods such as oil, even high edible oil consumption will keep consumers within the safety limits. Nevertheless, accurate dosage and application must be subject to continuous or batch-wise quality assurance among producers and by regulatory authorities.
BASF developed a calculator for the amount of vitamin A needed to fortify a given amount of vegetable oil to meet a specific fortification level

Vitamin A Calculator

This calculator will evaluate the amount of BASF Oily Vitamin A needed to fortify vegetable oil.

Level of fortification:

l.U./g in final oil

Amount of oil to fortify:

Metric Tons


Vitamin A-Palmitate 1.0 million l.U./g



Vitamin A-Palmitate 1.7 million l.U./g



Vitamin A-Acetate 1.5 million l.U./g



Vitamin A-Propionate 2.5 million l.U./g




More information and technical guidance is available here
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