BASF among GBC Health Award Winners
June 1, 2016

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Condiments & Seasoning Fortification

Many condiments, spices and seasonings are added to food to enrich the diet, add flavor and taste variation. Therefore, in many Asian, Latin American and African countries condiments are consumed frequently and consistently across all population groups. Hence, condiments are not only of culinary importance but also constitute a reach into all population groups as they are added to affordable staple food. The fortification of condiments and seasonings is therefore of growing importance for public health.

Basically any homemade food can be fortified by adding condiments and seasoning. The suitability of these condiments and seasonings as safe and efficacious vehicles for additional vitamins and minerals requires a clear understanding of several aspects from production, consumption, trade as well as acceptability in the population.

BASF has very robust and affordable products and technologies for condiment fortification and offers more information and technical guidance on how to fortify your condiment or seasoning.

Please contact us for more information on your condiment and seasoning fortification project.
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